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Barbara Sanders
Toil in Repose
Toil in Repose

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I was born in New York and found my way west to go to The University of Denver where I earned a BFA in Secondary Art Education 1972.

My husband and I moved to Honolulu in 1979 and in 1983 I joined the printmaking class of Dodie Warren at the Honolulu Academy of Arts in Honolulu (now known as The Honolulu Art Museum) and was introduced to copper plate photogravure which started in the mid-1800's as a way to print photographs were on paper for publication. It was later developed into Rotogravure by the publishing industry. That industry moved on to other techniques and photogravure largely disappeared.

The members of the class promptly fell in love with the process! We were using very pixelated overhead transparencies from Kinko's, sandwiching them pixel by pixel to get the density needed! Exposing them with a sunlamp through non-glare glass! When we set up a dark room, we had to learn how to develop kodaliths! In 1997 and 1999, I went to learn more of the technique from Deli Sacilotto at Graphic Studio, Tampa Florida.

Keeping up with technology, our class (group) went from the darkroom to inkjet overhead transparencies; from sunlamps to exposure units; from non-glare glass to aquatint/mezzotint screens; and just lately, from ferric chloride and copper to water and sensitized photopolymer on steel. Here in my studio in Steamboat Springs, I have been able to do both copper and photopolymer gravure. Because of the toxicity of the copper technique, though, I am moving fully to polymer. I am one of the few printmakers still working in this technique.

One of the noticeable aspects of intaglio photogravure is the darkness of the blacks. The ink, due to tremendous pressure from the printing press, is literally part of the paper. Very different from silver photography. I appreciate the details captured by images printed in this way. I also enjoy the challenges of each step. Even after the plate is printed, the image can change with different ink on different papers! My images are of crumbling, ancient and modern stone, and falling wooden structures where the play of light and textures hold my gaze. My intent is to allow the viewer to pause and note the visual significance of the subject.

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