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David G. Argyle


David Argyle spent his youth working on a ranch in his native Utah. This led to an interest in cowboy memorabilia which he expresses in his historically accurate works. He has expressed himself artistically all his life, painting in oils, modeling clay, carving in wood and creating bronzes. He has become a master wood carver and is best known for his reproductions of historical and modern day saddles. Argyle researches extensively to get the authenticity he demands in each piece of work.

His earlier saddles took close to 1,000 hours to complete and Dave worked for over six years before showing these wonderful works in a show or gallery. He wanted to complete a variety of saddles and carvings before showing his work. Argyle's wood carvings are unique and have intricate detail in each piece. Dave enjoys the challenge inherent in each carving, but the saddles are a favorite. He has won several awards and has been invited to some of the most prestigious shows in the western United States. Dave found a method of casting his wood carvings in bronze, carving the wood in sections in order to make the molds. This technique allows all of the detail from the wood carving to be translated into the final bronze.

Dave will always be involved in art; he says: "It's what I do."

David George Argyle was 71 when he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family April 19, 2016. He fought a short battle with brain cancer after being diagnosed on February 15, 2016.

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